Twisted yarn is one of the important items required in various fields and due to its many uses in various industries, it faces a very high demand in the market. The high prevalence of spun threads in greenhouses is due to the consistent texture of these threads and their non-damage to different plants.

High-quality plastic spun yarns have a very high resistance to tension, and for this reason, these yarns are widely used in the packaging of various agricultural products.

Many of these yarns may be exposed to sunlight for a long time, that’s why anti-ultraviolet materials are used in the composition of these yarns, which makes UV yarns highly resistant to sunlight. These UV yarns do not rot or fade with long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, and their color remains unchanged.

The very high durability of plastic spun yarns and its non-rupture during work has made this product open to different fields and industries and it is also used for packaging various products.

First-class plastic spun yarn, due to its very high resistance to wear and tear, has been used for embroidering packaging bags of manufactured products in various industries and has gained a very high share of popularity in the market compared to similar products in the same row. are

Due to their high quality and high resistance to various environmental factors, the spun yarns of Naqsh Jahan Company provide ideal conditions for packaged products and enable their long-term storage in warehouses.

The color of spun yarns is one of the most important features considered by buyers, depending on the type of consumption and their needs, due to the specific and extensive uses of this product in various fields and industries.

Tanab Naqsh Jahan Industrial Group, in order to meet this need and demand the rights of the buyers, gives you the possibility to order the color you need and receive the product you want with the desired color and very high quality in the shortest possible time. .

Plastic threads or nylon threads have different applications depending on their thickness, for example, thick nylon thread is used for sewing plastic sacks and in agriculture for packaging, and its thinner type is also used for packaging sweets and more delicate packaging. It is used to close the syfijat bushes in greenhouses, etc. 1st grade thick plastic thread is produced from polyethylene and other necessary and permitted additives and no recycled materials are used in its production.

Other features of these threads:

Resistance to tension (does not damage the tying machine)

It does not give lint in any way and does not damage the hook and needle of the device.

Resistant to ultraviolet rays due to the use of anti-uv materials

Fixed diameter and suitable and uniform warp along the length of the thread

1400 meters without cuts, pieces and threads along the length of the thread

Increasing the efficiency of the knotting machine due to all the above advantages

The color of the desired appearance (completely distinguishable from fodder) is due to the use of special raw materials and does not cause any harm to the trap in case of possible ingestion.