Gift yarns are produced from raw materials (polypropylene, polyethylene), which are divided into two common gift yarns in the market and industrial gift yarns. Gift thread is one of the most widely used types of thread that has many uses in various fields.

The most used gift thread is for confectioneries and packaging vegetables, and its industrial type, which is a little thicker than the first type, is mostly used for packaging magazines, hanging part of agricultural products, etc. In general, the use of gift threads in the packaging of agricultural products, packaging of clothes and small cartons in warehouses are among the most important uses of these threads. These threads are widely used in packaging industries due to their high resistance to stretching.

The high compatibility of this yarn with the texture of plants and the lack of damage to them has led to the wide use of gift yarn in greenhouses.

Among the other uses of gift threads, we can point out the tying of wire, cable and plastic pipes, which are very common and popular due to the resistance and high size of these threads.