The ingredients of plastic nets are produced through processes such as expansion, extrusion, or weaving.

Plastic nets are used for packaging various products, including agricultural products (such as onions, citrus fruits), etc.

Package tours are divided into five types or 5 network shapes, which include:
1. Fine grain 2. Coarse grain 3. Three threads 4. Ball lace 5. Garlic lace, which are available in the market in rolled and sized form.
Garlic nets are used for packing fruit in fruit markets and supermarkets for packing dry fruits (especially pistachios) and also for toys, etc.
These nets are delivered to the customer from the length of 110 cm in the form of a closed end, according to the order.
Two types of fine grain and coarse grain and thicker types are used for consumption of larger weights (5 to 10 kg).

Important benefits of package tours include:
• High tensile strength with very low weight (high flexibility and endurance in stretching)
• Appropriate plasticity (exactly the shape of the packaged material)
• Ease of air passage, which helps to keep the products inside the net fresh
• Net structure that prevents water accumulation and increases the life of the product and is considered an important advantage over plastic bags
• The possibility of checking the quality of packaged materials
• Better appearance of packaged materials and facilitating better sales of products

• Promote the importance of the product

• No need for divided use in cartons

• Reducing the dimensions of cartons and making production and transportation cost more economical

• Preventing transportation noise

• Reasonable and economic price and their affordability

• Made from the finest raw materials

The hygiene of the nets due to the non-use of waste and non-standard materials

Innovation in design and diversity in color and appearance